Live Coding School

Make Your App Idea a Reality.

Join our live, hands on, online CodingSchool and learn how to make your own app from scratch. Join others who have created number 1 apps and multi-million dollar software businesses, or simply create an app to help solve a business problem in your business. Whatever your app idea, we'll show you how to build it. This comprehensive bundle includes everything you need.

Here are the highlights:

8 x 1 hour long online lessons will cover all aspects of app development. From designing your app to look native, connecting to the cloud, to incorporating graphics and interacting with device features, we have you covered. After each webinar is presented we'll store it in an online library for you to refer back to any time. Every week you can join the live Q&A webinar session where our team of experts will assist you..

Between the sessions our expert team will be available to answer your questions in the dedicated coding school forum. We invite you to build your app as the course is running and we'll be happy to answer your "how do I" questions, solve issues, discuss your app design and more. We can't wait to help you get your app together!

We'll even include an hour dedicated, personal 1-to-1 time for you to Skype with one of our experts, or use to get help on a coding or design challenge. (Yes, you can split that hour into two or three sessions if you prefer!) You can book that time either during the course or at any point in the 6 month period after it finishes.
You'll gain access to our entire library of Academies. Packed with examples and best practice, they'll help you making your app. The LiveCode Academies offer structured courses on creating specific apps and games, as well as the widely acclaimed 60 video App Academy, each showing a basic concept or task in LiveCode.

LiveCode University is included for those with no past experience with programming. You can start with basic principals and build up step-by-step.

We'll include a full commercial license so you can publish your app closed source (or a license extension for a year if you already have a license). You'll be able to publish your app on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, or to desktop Windows, Mac and Linux. The commercial license also lets you deploy your apps to the iOS App store, and use password protected projects and components. (Membership of the Apple developer program or Google Play is required to submit apps to these stores and is not included.)
The MobGUI plugin is included. This allows you to create native-looking iOS or Android apps.
Our App Template and Icons Pack is included to help create great looking apps quickly and easily.

Who the Course is For

The course is aimed at everyone from complete beginner through to intermediate level.
If you are a complete beginner, if possible we recommend that you take a look at LiveCode University and a few of the introductory App Academy videos before the course starts. These items (and the other software components) will be delivered as soon as you sign up to the Live Coding School.

Optional Extras to Boost Your Business

We've also included two brand new extras in this course to boost your app building career. If you want to boost your CV or resume then you can choose to take our exam at the end of the course and receive a certificate if you pass. (You don't have to take the exam but it is included if you want to take it.)

We'll also provide an optional badge to use in the LiveCode forums that states you graduated from the Coding School.

We'll also (at your option) provide you with a one year consultants listing here on once you complete the course. The listing is perfect to help raise the profile of your app consulting or services business.

A One-Time Opportunity to NEW Customers Only - Save 83%

We really want you to get your app off the ground. That is why we've included absolutely everything you need. The total value of all these items runs to over $3000. As a limited, one off opportunity to new customers only we are making this program available for just $499.

If you've ever wanted to create an app but haven't quite got to it, if you had an idea but got stuck, or if you want to gain accreditation for your CV or app business, this is a one-time opportunity. We invite you to build your app during the course and we'll help at every step of the way.

Join the others who have built multi-million dollar businesses, business systems and number one apps with LiveCode. We'll make sure you know how to build and deliver your app idea by the end of the course!